Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the three muskateers

i'm really behind on my blog posts but am trying to get them caught up. while working on the post of my parent's 50th wedding anniversary last month i found this adorable picture of lily and brooke with their cousin rebecca. the whole weekend those three had so much fun together. you would have thought they had known each other forever rather than just met.

it really touched my heart to watch the girls bond so quickly. i don't think that i could ever put into words what their sweet little smiles did to me. priceless.....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

opening a new chapter

i'm not really sure how it happened. where did the time go? and how on earth am i old enough to have this happen???
brendan started middle school about a month ago. to say that it's been surreal is a complete understatement. i swear to you it seems like just yesterday he was starting elementary. a small little kindergartner. and now we are in middle school. i ran into a friend i haven't seen in forever the other day and she told me her oldest is a junior this year. a junior! no way! and then i realized, that before i even blink that's going to be me. time just flies so fast and i can't seem to keep up with it.
here's brendan on his way to school yesterday. everyday he lugs that huge, weighted down backpack and his trumpet. the trumpet is a new addition. he really, really wanted to try band this year and since electric guitar is out he opted for trumpet. as for his playing skills, well right now it reminds me of a wounded animal bugling others for help. but i'm sure in a few months it will actually sound like music. in general he is loving middle school. i was super nervous and still am but he is taking it all in stride. it's been kind of a tough transition because almost everyone he knew from elementary is in a different pod and his neighbor friend is older so they don't see each other at all. so he is basically starting from scratch in the friend pool. hard times but again, he's a trooper my son is. he has such a positive attitude about the whole thing and i'm sure (praying anyway) that before long he'll fit right in. the other big change middle school has brought is his desire to wrestle. the season doesn't start until winter so he might change his mind by then. but for right now he is super excited about it. i think it would be a great sport for him and am anxious to cheer my little man on!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


lily's new favorite form of entertainment

luke - i'm your father