Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why I Wish I Was Better At Photo Journalism

Last weekend, we went skiing/snowboarding together as a family for the first time.
In fact the only person in our family that has ever skied before is Larry.
Somehow, we left with no pictures at all of anyone on a ski or snowboard.
Why you might ask??
Because I am terrible at capturing the moment with a camera.
I take pictures before, but then think that preceding pictures will magically take themselves.
So while there are no pictures at all to prove it, we did in fact ski and snowboard.
We had a great time.
Larry loved getting back on the slopes.
I discovered that snowboarding is not for me. And will be eternally grateful to our friends for letting me borrowing their butt pads. It made my repeated falls bearable.
Brendan insisted on snowboarding rather than skiing. He loved it and wants to try again
Bella is a natural with skies attached to her feet. Her first run down the slope she didn't even wait for our friend that was helping her to get her snowboard clipped.
Brooke liked it as long as she didn't fall without her gloves on. And when she did, well let's just say I'm surprised she didn't cause an avalanche.
Lily really liked it but was not pleased that she couldn't just hop on a lift and go down the big hill.
With that said - enjoy the few pictures that we did manage to take

The kids outside the condo before we started the adventure
Brooke tubing

Lil's was meant to ride in a tube flying down the mountain
Brooke taking a spill but amazingly no tears accompanied it
Bell's spinning down the hill.
And no, there are not any pictures of Brendan tubing due to the level of soreness from his die hard snowboarding attempts the day before.