Friday, February 26, 2010

things that make you go hmmmm......

one of my gifts this year from my m.i.l. was this.
i have to confess that when i opened it i was a bit perplexed.
what is it exactly?
on the surface it looks like a doily.
but it has all these snaps on it.
i talked to my s.i.l. colleen and asked her what it was.
"a really pretty doily. you know what a doily is right?"
well, yes i knew what a doily was but that didn't explain the snaps.
then my m.i.l. called and asked me how i liked the gift.
i told her it was beautiful.
"do you know what it is?"
"why no i do not"
so she explained it to me.
have you already figured it out??
it holds a dozen rolls.
she received one from her s.i.l. a few years ago when they were serving the church in switzerland.
i could have stared at that thing for days and not figured out it's purpose.
i do love the display it creates though.
thanks mom!

Monday, February 22, 2010

valleytines day

lilies from my sweetie

i love it when valentines day is on the weekend. it just seems like you can enjoy it a little bit more ya know? there's no stress trying to find a sitter on a weeknight or making sure the hubby will be home on time. it's just more peaceful.

this year, larry and i went out to dinner with friends and then hit the stake valentines dance. it was a lot of fun. but i have to say that it would be more fun if i really knew how to dance


so now i have a new goal.
learn some serious dance moves so that next year i don't feel like such a dork.

as with any holiday, the kids made it more enjoyable with their comments:

Brendan: I'm glad i'm not in love with anyone so I don't have to worry about this stuff.

Bella: Someone gave me a little bracelet in my valentine box. I hope it's not (name with held for privacy) cause I don't really like him.

Brooke: This valentine is for (same deal as above), he's SOOOO cute.

Lily: I hope I get some legs for my pillow Lou Lou. She had legs, but they got taken off.
Poor Lou Lou

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

drama, drama, drama

for some reason the past 2 weeks the girls have been crazy. and when i say crazy, that really is what i mean. i'm not exaggerating. it's the honest truth. and it's given me serious insight to what a house of teenage girls is going to look like. and let me just tell you, it ain't going to be pretty. the other morning i actually had to stop the girls, bell and brooke, from throwing punches at each other! i thought that only happened with boys! not beautiful little girls. it was like a scene from girls gone wild, not that i have actually seen that show but in my mind that is what it would look like. the plus side is that in all their "drama" they've said some pretty hilarious stuff.

lil's: you are not my mommy. you are only brooke's mommy. i don't like you any more.

brooke: you are the meanest mommy ever! and i'm not going to change my mind about it either!

bella: how come our friends can't come over because we need to clean but mom's friends can come over whenever they want? it's just not fair. she get's to do everything!

ahhh..... my life will be nothing but bliss in about 5 years...... let the good times roll