Monday, March 29, 2010

wasted cookies ;(

the other day i made these awesome cookies.
they were peanut butter sandwich cookies. two moist, chewy cookies with succulent peanut butter creme in the middle.
they really were a little piece of heaven.
this morning, lily was determined to have one. but since it wasn't even 9am i said "No"
after the 3rd time of her getting the container down and carrying it around i told her that if she didn't stay out of them i was going to throw them all away.
wouldn't you know, not even 3 mins later there she is strolling around with the container.
it was one of those moments where i really wanted to over look the problem.
i didn't want to throw away those marvelous cookies that took a serious amount of time to make.
but she left me no choice.
so with her screaming behind me i threw them in the trash
such a waste.... why can't they just listen??

Sunday, March 21, 2010

who is cosmo??

lily had to give the closing prayer in primary today. larry helped her but somehow she said
"we are thankful for cosmo"
which caused many to ponder.... who is cosmo?
did we get a new pet?
is she talking about the magazine?
cosmo from fairly odd parents?
the answer:
she was supposed to say "i'm thankful for the GOSPEL"
gospel, cosmo - they sound pretty similar....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

when barbie meets lip

it's not a pretty picture
thanks bells for chucking one at me

OH - And we lost our first tooth!!!
But not because of the barbie, the tooth fell out first
And then we accidentially swallowed it.
So dad bought her gum intstead of the tooth fairy giving he money.
Because, the tooth fairy doesn't dig through... well ya know

Saturday, March 6, 2010

conversations with my tween

earlier today, larry and i were having a conversation about how adorable one of my friends is. now, i promise you that this is not a normal type of conversation for us to have. i don't even remember what sparked it. BUT as we were talking brendan was sitting at the table doing some homework and i hear his little voice pipe in "I agree with that". larry and i kind of looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and instantly knew that this was one of those opportunities. you see, brendan doesn't really talk about girls very often. so when he happens to be willing to talk, we JUMP at the opportunity. so we asked him what liked about her and then we ran through a few more of my friends to get his opinion. it sounds a little bizarre, but it was a great way for us to get an idea what he thinks makes someone cute. and it also gave us a chance to talk about the important things when choosing someone to date - which completely terrifies me to think about but i know that the day will be here before i know it. and these are all things that we have talked about with him before. but can you even talk about it too much? and usually when we do we talk about girls his own age and he gets super embarrassed. but this was less intimidating to him. he is at the age where i feel like we are standing on the shore of uncharted waters. which course is he going to take to get across and how much influence are we going to have on those decisions? will he make the choices that we want him to make? there are bound to be hard times and tears, but i HOPE that he continues to talk to us about things. and i hope that i can follow my s.i.l.'s advice and just brave the waters the best we can and love him through whatever happens.
and don't even ask me who he thought was cute because i'll never tell!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

budding artist

the high school that our neighborhood is assigned to has an annual
Celebration Of The Arts.
for the celebration they invite students from the elementary schools that feed in to the high school to display art work or perform in a choir. last year brendan was invited to participate in the choir but we had a big snow storm that day and the concert was cancelled ;(
this year bella was invited to display her fish sculpture.
now this isn't just any ol fish sculpture. this is a sculpture that she made with the intention of giving it to her dad for his birthday. so it really meant alot to her that it was picked.
as usual the picture isn't very good because my camera is kinda stinky, but in person it's really impressive. she put a lot of detail into it and it looks really good.
way to go bells!
dad can't wait to put it on the wall of his office!