Tuesday, November 24, 2009

just a couple of projects

a little sampling of what i've been up to lately

i LOVE holiday crafts!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

weekend of firsts

so this weekend had a lot of exciting firsts in it. it kicked off on friday when brooke got an award at the school assembly.
she was so surprised and excited and we are so proud. she is working really hard and doing so well in kindergarten.
next brendan got to hunt for the first time. now i know what you're thinking ~ didn't he just go hunting a few weeks ago?? yes he did but he wasn't 12 at the time so he didn't get to carry a rifle and he wouldn't have been able to shoot something if he saw it. so this was his first REAL hunt. but, alas, they did not see anything and he came home empty handed. he also got to attend young mens for the first time this week. i swear i don't know how he's that old! he is also anxious for the other adventures being 12 holds ~ passing the sacrament and getting the priesthood.

bella had her first concert today. i wish that i could tell you all about how marvelous she did etc, etc, etc. but i can't because it was a private concert and the parents were not allowed to attend. now if i am going to be honest i would have to say that this bugs me just a little bit. the practices are closed and now a private concert. so besides the little musical tidbits we get from her occasionally; we have no idea what the chorale is doing! we won't get a peek at it until the christmas concert. i understand why it works the way it does. and that the purpose of the chorale is for the kids to have the opportunity to perform for all kinds of audiences. but as a parent it's driving me nuts that i can't see what they are working on!

and can we just talk for a minute about the uniforms? the day bella brought it home she was so excited.....until she opened it up and saw what it was. can you say boring? yes we want all the kids to blend in with each other and we don't want the uniforms to distract from the performance, but can't we do something just a little bit different? it doesn't help that in order to get her shirt long enough it's about 3 times as wide as she is.
but she loves every single second of being in the chorale and that is all that matters.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the Big T-H-R-E-E (11/2)

my oh my...... where has the time gone? it's hard to believe that just three years ago we brought this adorable little one home from the hospital. and from the second her daddy saw her adorable big blue eyes she has had him wrapped around her little finger. three years later the blue is not quite so strong, in fact it's all but gone, but her daddy is still wrapped firmly in place. i love to watch the two of them together. they share such a unique bond.

we had a quiet, family celebration to mark this momentous birthday. i called it the pinkalicious party due to the shockingly bright pink cupcakes. and yes i can count - there are 4 candles because it's a hahl tradition to put an extra candle on for good luck.

and to finish off the night we enjoyed a viewing of the newest ice age movie.

just a little side note here ~ this blanket is quite possibly the ugliest blanket i have ever seen in my life. but larry has had this for about as long as he can remember and has no immediate plans to part with it. and it is by far the warmest blanket i have ever seen. just goes to show you that the old school stuff really was of superior craftsmanship.

i asked each of the kids to give me one word that described lily.

brendan - irresistibly cute

bella - sweet

brooke - friendly

as for me; i would say that lily is:
full of life and energy
beyond mischievous
affectionate cuddlebug
infectious smile and laugh

happy birthday baby girl!

we love you!!